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The first thing to realize is that not all ice is the same. Ice can be taken down to very low temperatures, whilst other ice is quite slushy and just on the edge of melting. Large blocks of ice take a longer time to melt than thin flake ice. Don’t scrimp on ice, the more ice you use the better!


When you first use a warm ice cooler it takes some time to get the core temperature down so pre-load your cooler with ice a few hours before you need it. Pre-chill your beverages in a fridge before placing in the cooler box, it reduces the initial pull-down on the ice and helps ice last longer. For meat and food products consider using our Icemann glycol packs.


Lastly, it comes down to external usage factors. What is the outside ambient temperature, how often is it opened, are warm products put inside? Our ROGUE Ice Coolers have been tested to keep ice for up to 5 days, but if it has a small amount of poor quality ice and is opened frequently it may only last for a day. Unlike the claims made by other manufacturers, we feel it is difficult to define and may vary due to the factors above.