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Custom Branded Coolers


In the world of corporate gifts, there are so many cheap and forgettable items one gets, that you wonder why the company bothered at all. A gift of a Rogue Ice Cooler or canvas cooler by contrast is a product of enduring style and quality, one that will surely compliment the ethos of your company and delight your clients. 

Speak to our team about associating your corporate branding to a Rogue product and we will be happy to assist whether it be an embossed leather badge, die cast metal plaque or even your own custom coloured cooler.

If you would like to place an order for a custom branded cooler box with you logo or a specific colour (minimum order is 20 units), please contact or call us on +27 32 007 0143 

You can also order a customised name badge on our website that can be placed onto any hard range coolers (18L, 25L, 45L and 75L).