Made in South Africa

We are a local South African company, sourcing labour and materials from our local community around us. We believe in supporting small businesses to grow our economy and create employment. When you purchase a Rogue Ice Cooler, you are thereby supporting local production and employment. 

It's all in how we craft your Rogue Ice Cooler

Most coolers you buy are either injection moulded or blow moulded plastic, which are prone to breaking and inefficient at storing ice. How many coolers have you owned and how many are sitting broken in your garage? Caved in lids, cracked seams, broken hinges, leaks? The familiar list goes on and on. Not even the higher priced ordinary coolers can take the punishment handed out by the average outdoors man, let alone the professional’s. That’s why we developed Rogue Ice Coolers. The more ordinary coolers you have bought and broken, the more you will appreciate a Rogue Ice Cooler.


From The School Of Hard Knocks

Our coolers are made from the same process that white water kayaks are made from. This craftsmanship may be a more costly, slower, and a labour intensive process, but the end result is a cooler that is incredibly strong. We are so confident in this durability that Rogue Ice Coolers have been drop tested from the height of a two story building and survived in perfect condition.

The second big difference is the foaming and thermal insulating properties. The cooler body and lid are each a hollow, single piece moulded unit with no seams, joins or local weak points. We place this into another mould and inject Eco-foam into the cavity which expands under high pressure and this creates the best insulation you can get. Under the right conditions our boxes have kept ice for up to 5 days, even under the African Sun!

Big differences aside, it’s the bespoke quality in every little detail that sets Rogue Ice Coolers apart. We refuse to compromise on quality at any point because we know you wouldn’t. Designed with Africa in mind, from the unbreakable hinges and genuine leather straps to the game drive functionality, this product defines and sets apart your rugged African outdoor lifestyle.